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Im selling a Huion GT 190 which is an alternative for Cintiq. Its 19" Led Display with a rechargable pen

Im selling it because i just ordered the Cintiq Companion Hybrid so I need to free my work space

I done a review on the Huion which you can find here…

And here is where the link im selling it…

In a world where Avians live high above the clouds on floating islands, spirits dwell in the ruins left on the surface. The spirits strive to eat the life crystals hanging from the branches on the Tree of Life, causing the Avians great despair. The Avians formed an organization that specializes in dealing with these spirits called Guardian Arcs. A young boy named Gabriel has long dreamed of joining their ranks and becoming the most honorable Guardian Arc, but unfortunately his flying skills are below that of his peers, causing him to be left behind. Gabriel eventually teams up with Sela, Simeon, Royce, and Grigori to journey into the forbidden ruins to investigate the uprising spirits.

Tree of Life is an animated short film. This is the official Facebook page to keep you updated on our progress. Like and share as we need your support !

Super Hot End of Summer Back to School Prices!!
I am streaming live come watch and chat and all while I animate a scene of Naruto Shippuden Obitos Gaiden…

Watch our Opening video created by


Episode coming soon................
I had a few people ask me what programs I use or how do I animate. So I decided I will make a tutorial, which i am in the middle of at the moment. This will be posted on my youtube so for anyone interested, Watch, Subscribe, comment.

My Channel:…

Also be sure to watch the Trailer for our upcoming Naruto Shippuden Fan animation episode "Obito Gaiden"

Our team is in production of a Fan made animation of Naruto Shippuden. Here ill introduce you to the staff members working on this Full length feature episode.

:iconizzydabomb: Izzydabomb aka Izzy
:iconelbytron: CallmeElby aka Anna/Elby
:iconfrankthetankk: FranktheTankk aka Frankie
:iconelordy: El_Lord aka Alan
:iconprydley-studios: PrydzAnimation aka Prydz
:icontaichi4743: Taichi4743 aka Dan

:iconfionasky: Fionasky aka Milica
:iconkoujuu: Koujuu aka Viviana

Color Artist
:iconshinobka: Shinobka aka Yana
:iconcrimson-kunoichi: Scuffle-Truffle aka Jenny


-We are Searching for background Artists for the animation, skilled in matte painting, perspective and color theory

-We are also in search for VOICE ACTORS! (Naruto, Kakashi, Tobi/Obito, Madara, Rin, Gai, Bee and more) So if you ever wanted to try voice acting or feel you can do a good voice imitation of those characters, please try. Itll be cool to hear your voice on a episode right?!

-Animators- understand animation principles and is great with anatomy
-Special effects Animators- Very skilled with after effects for post production stage

Ive decided to open commisions not just for money but for a way to interact with the DA community and get my worked passed out around the community. Also drawing other characters besides my own!

I prefer to be paid in USD through paypal but i will consider points thatll be negotiable.

-for a limited time only

Something *NEW* I'm offering is Video tutorials!!
(whatever you request help with ill make a how to video tutorial on how i do what you requested, and send it to your email to download)

**Video Tutorials :thumb295616903: - varies from $15-$50
Lineart :thumb271486713: - $3
Cell Shade no bg Izume by IzzydaBomb - $5
Multiple Characters :thumb271491048: - $7
to add a background :thumb302067196: - $2
Manga Panels Panels by ArtByMomo - $10 per page
**Animations :thumb308552245: - $12 per second
(ex. 10 second long animation = $50)

** will only work on 2 at a time

manga panels pic drawn by ArtbyMomo
I am creating tutorials on my youtube channel and i will lpost my animations there aswell

I would love if you guys suscribe watch and comment on my videos. THANKS ^_^…
Finally its been long due but we are finally started the Naruto project. Myself and FrankTheTankk have teamed up in this project and will work on Naruto Chapter 579-580 Sasuke & Itachi vs Kabuto

We will keep you guys updated on our progression throughout our whole process of production.
im gathering a few animators to join my team on creating a Naruto fan animation!

Team 7 reunite kakashi vs sasuke was epic but i feel its time for some serious animators to come together and create another great fanimation!

Everybody intrested can either post here or on my page.

Im looking for atleast
-1 storyboard/rough animator/inbetweener
-1 or 2 key animators
-2 or 3 coloring artists
-1 background artist
-voice actors

the more talents the better
I am currently working on animating a opening entrance for my OC Samurai Okaji. I will post pencil test here and there to keep y'all updated with my progress!

Well after i complete that task i will begin doing full blown fan animations!! I have become a fan of them watch klnothincomin and others here do such a good job and i honestly think its my time to join the bandwagon. So if your a fan animator and want to work with me send me a note or comment on here.

-I am now accepting to animate your personal characters and ocs!!
If you have questions about the price it depends on the project, just send a note and we will negotiate.
IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO MAKE AN PORTFOLIO so am I, and im in search of animators and artist willing to help me create a short film to add to our resume!!!

Contact me here or
I am not away, i am currently animating scenes and fake clips from my Samurai Okaji chapters.
I just Purchased a Wacom Cintiq 15x so that makes my trials 1000x easier :) . I'll release spoilers of my rough animations real soon, please watch my page if you havent already! Thanks DA and have a Great day
Im about to go on a digital journey where ill be advancing my digital art and painting skills. I will be doing tutorial and posting all my work here so hopefully you all will see my improvement and then I continue working on my OC's and Comic Samurai Okaji. ^_^ Wish me Luck! If you want the links tothe tutorials i found just request it.